#serial:  HF-03


17,900.00  บาท



เครื่องรีดร้อนแบบสวิง Heat transfer equipment




Technical data:

Voltage: 220V

Heating plate size: 38X38CM 

Maximum temperature: 399 C

Time control range :0-999 seconds

Heating time (room temperature-200'C): 3-5 minutes

Real-time display of temperature condition: automatic temperature control, automatic control, the automatic report





Product Operation:

 1, pull the joystick, shaking his head to the right. The heating plate is completely

Opened.Plug in the power, turn the main power switch, indicator was lit.

Protective earth.


2, adjust the left side of the thermostat (three buttons represent a

Bit, ten, one hundred), press the + or - transferred to the appropriate temperature

(150 C -200 C), heating time of about 5 minutes.

3, adjusting the timer knob to the right, transferred to the appropriate time (time

Long-sighted of different materials may be).

4, when the temperature reaches the set value, the machine will automatically enter thermostat-likeState.

5, the time that the buzzer, then put on the rocker, remove the material


The machine features: eccentric bearing structure, pressure, pressure is leveraged structure

Force more than five times, point contact, uniform pressure, time proportion adjustment

Temperature control system, temperature ± 2 ?, latest when the control system, M-shaped plus

Thermal structure, uniform temperature and pressure locking system, such as the pressure is always

Product Features:

1, fine workmanship, and its board through a special plane processing, ensuring India

When combined with the substrate as dense.Pouring heat pipe technology, hair

Heat more evenly, India as colorful and full, no color cast.

2, imported vacuum heater parts, heating up fast

3, the key components imported raw materials, the use of more stable performance,


4, electronic digital control, real-time display of temperature, like India to complete the automatic

Alarm, the temperature difference is only 0-2 degrees!Can be very accurate!

Attention: After contrast, the effect of the machine printed out a lot better, oh.

Heating plate using electrical heating tube and plate pouring into one, so that board table

Surface heat evenly professional, durable